Information and data

For a long time, information on the Amazon has bee scattered among the countries that make up the region. RAISG was set up in 2007 with the objetive of analysing the region as single unit and of providing decentralised and public intelligence to enable the region to be better understood, valued and protected.


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Cartographic Data

Files in shapefile format for download and off-line use.

Web Map Services

Geo-referenced data for URL access in WMS (Web Map Services) standard.

Amazon in numbers

See the data on deforestation, IT and ANPs in an infographic



2022 data

Online map

Geospatial information on the Amazon: indigenous territories and protected natural areas, infrastructure works, concessions and requests for the exploitation of natural resources.


MapBiomas Amazon 5.0

Annual maps of land cover and use for the entire Amazon.


AMA is a platform for monitoring forest fires and deforestation in the Amazon with information for the monitoring and early warning of forest fires in the Amazon. On this platform the user can learn, consult, analyze and download maps and data.

2020 data

Illegal minery

The Raisg updated the data for 2020 and mapped  4,472 locations of illegal mining and its impact on Indigenous Territories and Protected Natural Areas in the Amazon.


News, articles, essays and other socio-environmental content from various sources and authors.

3 de June de 2024

Erosión en el alto Coca en Ecuador: un terremoto en cámara lenta

Napo, Amazonía ecuatoriana· Un inmenso cráter se abrió en febrero de 2020 y desde entonces devora el paisaje del hermoso valle del alto Coca, en la Amazonía ecuatoriana. Árboles de 500 años y otros más jóvenes son lanzados de cabeza…